“Working out at the SAC was one of the best decisions I have made for myself to grow physically. To be able to move into the next level of hockey I knew that I had to take it to the next level of training, and that’s exactly what the workouts at the SAC did. The workouts were some of the hardest I have ever been put through. Coming into college I was worried about being behind the other guys physically, but now that I am here, it is amazing how prepared I am. This is all because the staff at the SAC is able to push you and get the most out of you during the workouts. Being around other high level athletes as well also is a great way to push yourself to become a better athlete, and that is what the SAC has to offer.

The SAC not only helped me grow physically, but also personally with the relationships I was able to build while I was there. At the SAC they care about you overall and you aren’t just treated as a number. Over my 3 years training at the SAC I have built friendships with people I will never forget. Ryan and Brooke made me feel welcomed whenever I came there (which was a lot) and being welcomed only helped me succeed that much more in the weight room. Being comfortable at the place you train only helps because you know they truly care about making you better as an athlete. Being involved in a family atmosphere and training with other elite athletes helped me push myself to the limit and build bonds with other athletes working towards the same goals.” – 
Kyle Schempp: 2014 Draft Pick: NY Islanders and Ferris State University: Men’s Ice Hockey

“Once our daughter Brenna committed to play Division 1 soccer during her junior year of high school, she knew she had to be in the best possible condition in order to get on the field. After looking around at various gyms and speaking with Ryan and Brooke, the program at the SAC offered the components she felt necessary to arrive at Butler in game shape. Once at Butler the first conditioning/weights workout she felt ready to go - all of the things they “introduced” to her she had already been doing with Ryan and there was no learning curve for her. Her coaches were extremely impressed with her fitness level upon arrival. We, and especially Brenna, have been very happy with the training programs at the SAC and commend both Ryan and Brooke for not only their interest in the kids while training, but also the personal interest they show in their development outside of athletics.” 
- Maureen/Steve Pawelkowski - parents of Brenna Pawelkowski, Butler University: Women’s Soccer

“’A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.’ I have been a member at the Saginaw Athletic Club for 3 years. Within those 3 years I was given opportunities that I have never imagined. Through training and commitment I was finally able to reach goals and make a name for myself. Likewise, The Saginaw Athletic Club workouts have brought my game to the next level. They have helped me gain attention from collegiate coaches and allowed me to continue track and field past high school.

Moreover, I enjoy the Saginaw Athletic Club because of the facility and people around you. Their facility is amazing because you can train year round. One of my favorite amenities is the indoor heated turf field; can it get better than that? Furthermore, the trainers and staff are phenomenal. You mean more than just another individual. You get to know them on a more personal level and you’re always greeted with a smile. Training means business but they make it comfortable and open to you.” 
- Tyler Hendricks - Michigan State University Track & Field, 2013 200M State Champion (NCC) USA Junior Olympic Qualifier 

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