Personal Training
If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough out of your normal exercise routine, come talk to us about getting a personal trainer. A personal trainer can help you create the right routine needed to accomplish your goals. 

Saginaw Athletic Club’s personal training program not only designs a customized and balanced training program, but also educates you on how to become self-sufficient. We want you to get educated on what it takes to maintain an effective, healthy, and smart exercise program. Our certified personal trainers will make sure you not only reach a plateau but take the knowledge you learn from us and keep it with you forever.

How a Personal Trainer Can Help

When you make a decision to get a personal trainer, you are making a financial and time commitment to your health and fitness. Your personal trainer will help you:

• Get started: He or she will guide you down the path to a healthy fitness regimen that is specified to your needs and goals. 
• Learn proper technique and form: He or she will help you do the exercises right so you stay safe and get the maximum benefits from your workout. 
• Achieve your goals: He or she will help you stay on track and encourage you to keep going.

 Meet the Trainer

Brett Monahan
Brett is a Saginaw native who has a background of fitness. He is a 8 year Navy veteran as a rescue swimmer. In the military he was command fitness leader and is qualified in TRX. He has taken a personal training course at Delta College. Currently he is working towards getting his strength and conditioning certification. As well he is attending Delta College and is transferring to Central Michigan University in the summer to finish his Health Fitness degree.

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