Our Mission

Saginaw Athletic Club’s Mission

The SAC provides its members a place to achieve their fitness goals in a friendly, non-intimidating environment. At the SAC our members will benefit from our commitment to customer service and the community, and from the cleanliness of the facility.

Our mission is to become Saginaw’s premier fitness and wellness center where people of all ages and abilities can come together and achieve their goals. At the Saginaw Athletic Club we provide the means, expertise and motivation for our members to succeed. We pride ourselves on maintaining a comfortable atmosphere that enables our members to realize their fitness goals and simply feel better about themselves.

What Do We Stand By?

  • We understand that staying fit and regularly exercising is not fun for everyone and can be a struggle for others. 
  • We believe we can help our members achieve their fitness goals by maintaining open communication between our management team and our members. 
  • We pledge to offer our programs and facilities in a fun, welcoming, and non-competitive atmosphere.
  • We pledge to give you our 100% best effort each day! 

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